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Light Blue Leather Bracelet From Pandora Summer 2016


Today’s post brings my next review from the Pandora Summer 2016 collection, with a closer look at the new limited edition Light Blue Leather Bracelet! This was one of two LE leather bracelets released with the summer collection, the other being a vibrant raspberry pink.

The two leather bracelet shades complement each other beautifully, and I’m so pleased that I decided to get both. I’ll be reviewing the honeysuckle bracelet later on in a follow-up to this review – but, in the meantime, read on for some close-up shots and styling inspiration for the Light Blue Leather bracelet!

For Summer 2016, Pandora Sale UK have updated the classic leather bracelet, choosing to go with the new spherical-style clasp instead of the traditional barrel clasp. I have to admit that it does look rather elegant!The colour of the light blue leather looks quite dull – almost grey – in the stock image but thankfully it’s actually much more vibrant in person! pandora summer 2016 high res previewAs you can see, it is much prettier in person; it’s another case where the stock image doesn’t do it justice. It’s not quite as bright as the Pandora NA campaign image at the top of this post would make it look, but it’s so much nicer than the stock image suggests.It manages to be delicate and quite vibrant at the same time. It has a slightly metallic sheen to it, too, which lifts the overall effect further.

It looks a slightly different shade, depending on the light. It’s at its prettiest outdoors in the sun; it looks duller under electric light.Now, while the colour is beautiful and the spherical clasp elegant and pretty, my one gripe is that this bracelet is not threaded – much like the threadless silver charm bracelet from earlier in the year. Charms will simply slide on and off the bracelet if you don’t have a clip in place to stop them. This is not something that I’d noticed from the stock image, and I’m sure this will catch people out regularly enough.I can’t really see the point in not adding threads to these leather bracelets; you are limited to 7-9 charms with them anyway, and so it’s not like you’re going to be saving a lot of time screwing them on and off. Instead, you are going to need to add a clip as well if you don’t want your charms to fall off, which is another thing to buy.


Grumbles aside – on to the stylings! This bracelet is really easy to style; its pretty but delicate shade goes with so many different colour combinations. The Honeysuckle Pink leather bracelet, which was also released for Summer 2016, might prove more difficult with its brighter colour.To start off with, I tried putting together a design that really brought out the leather’s summery blue shades; the Tropical Sea Glass murano is perfect for this! I’m instantly dreaming of Caribbean seas. For a bolder look, deep pinks and purples stand out more against the leather but still complement the shade really nicely; here I’ve used the Orchid pendant and the Shoreline Sea Glass murano, which look great against the softer baby blue bracelet.pandora summer 2016 blue leather bracelet stackAs the colour of the bracelet is reasonably soft, you can get away with colour combinations that might otherwise clash a bit. Some bright nautical reds look great with it – pictured here are the retired Lighthouse pendant and the airline-exclusive I Love to Travel charm.For now, I’ll be wearing my blue leather bracelet with the Evil Eye pendant. My parents recently went to Greece on holiday and brought me back the Evil Eye as a present – as soon as I saw it, I knew this leather would be the perfect bracelet to wear it on! I like to stack it with the green leather bracelet from last year’s Summer .

Finally, here’s a styling featuring my bead of the moment, the Flower Garden murano. It adds a nice vibrant bit of colour to liven up the paler blue bracelet; some delicate white enamel flowers soften the look further.


In a way, it’s a shame that the Light Blue Leather is a limited edition as it’s a beautiful colour and well-deserving of a permanent place in the Pandora line-up! It’s easily wearable all year round, as you can transform its look just by playing around with the colours you pair with it. My only niggle is that I don’t like the fact that it’s missing threads – I just can’t see the benefit with a leather bracelet.

In other news, I did manage to go and see the Summer 2016 collection (finally!) over the past weekend. I was not disappointed in person – lots of the jewellery looked even nicer under the store lights. The Frosty Mint murano was beautiful, and I’ve decided that I have to have two of those for an upcoming bracelet design I’m planning. :P I don’t know if it was the light, but it seemed like some of them had a pinker shimmer and some of them were mintier. Either way, they were gorgeous!



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